Color – Man vs. Woman Edition

Steven von Worley over at Data Pointed (so many pretty pictures of information) created an info graphic, based on xkcd’ s color survey, mapping the male vs. female preference for colors by popular name.

He explains the graphing of the data:

That’s a dot for each of the 2,000 most commonly-used color names as harvested from the 5,000,000-plus-sample results of XKCD’s color survey, sized by relative usage and positioned side-to-side by average hue and vertically by gender preference. Women tend to use color names nearer the top, men towards the bottom, and the dashed line represents the 50-50 split (equal usage by both sexes).

First thing to note here, there are some crazy stupid names for colors and yet we all accept them without batting an eye. Second noteworthy finding – men like really bland color names. Some of the highest rated beginning with dark, pale, dark pale (seriously) dim, faded, desaturated, off etc.. They also really like bodily function and fluid names – baby vomit, turd, piss yellow, shit green.

Women on the other hand are drawn to the more abstract, associative names: canary, dusty lilac, peony, celery, butter – lots of food, flowers and fuzzy animals. My personal favorite color name on this list is greige. I may have had a protracted argument over the color of someone’s pants recently. He said grey. My girlfriend and I were on the beige/khaki side. This color name may satisfy everyone.

See hundreds more colors at the interactive chart.

- via Quipsologies

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