Shrink Wrapped Couples

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this series by Photographer Hal. The photos are surreal, funny and slightly unsettling all at the same time.  Originally, willing couples were arranged and shrink wrapped in small spaces before he took their portrait. He eventually discovered that the bathtub was the perfect small space and now uses it as his default studio, so to speak.

I want to capture love as it really is and the bathtub is an ideal vehicle to encapsulate the vivid reality in my images. A grand theme in mankind is Love, and I, Photographer Hal, am challenging the majestic theme!

Those in power are continually guilty of segregation and discrimination, can we realize peace under such conditions? You who are standing on the earth, no matter where you are, love the person in front of you. From two people to a group, a town to a community, a city to a country, from border to border, the ring of love shall prevail. I have started to create my ring of love in the city of Tokyo, believing that some day a world peace without segregation and discrimination will come true.

Some couples are captured in clothes, complete with props (love the cabbage above) and some are naked as the day they came. I find myself entranced by both styles, but really love the whimsy of the clothed and propped images.

- via bumbumbum

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